Eansny Surgical Industry was established in 2005, with the motive of manufacturing & exporting of highest quality Surgical, Dental, Beauty care instruments, Utility Scissors & holloware instruments in complete range.

Since, 2005 we are working in this field and have highly craftsmanship in manufacturing our products with quality control system with latest technologies and ideas. Eansny Surgical Industry supporting healthcare products worldwide & also manufactures products easily as per our customer requirements.

Eansny Surgical Industry is equipped with a highly professional staff who posses high technical abilities to overcome all & every details for a perfect product outcome.

Our aim is to win by providing quality products and services worldwide. Customer satisfaction and commitment to quality as well as holding a price line is the twin passion at Eansny Surgical Industry. We are focusing to win customer confidence through continuous improvement, which enhances our productivity and performance.

Eansny Surgical Industry is fully equipped to manufacture wide range of high quality instruments according to the International Standards.


We Eansny Surgical Industry are well established manufacture of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments & Beauty Care Instruments, Utility Scissors, holloware instruments etc in well known city Sialkot Pakistan.

Production Process:
All our production departments are well-equipped with the latest, machinery imported from Germany and England and Japan, and well-staffed with the expert technicians trained from our strategic joint venture network.

Raw Material Department:
Eansny Surgical Industry believe that quality can only be achieved through quality raw material. As such, the best quality Raw-materials (S.S. Strips, Round Bars, S.S.Coils and S.S.Tubes) are imported directly from Japan & France and are subjected to composition and hardness testing through our in-house Laboratory in order to ensure that only the best materials are passed on to production departments.

Forging Department:
Eansny Surgical Industry has its own Forging Section where Forgings are made through Drop Hammer process by seasoned operators using Dyes made of the best-quality imported D-2 Steel. The Forgings are later put through various processes like ring trimming, and acid cleaning / pickling by those well-versed in these processes before they are passed to milling department.

Milling Department:
Eansny Surgical Industry, Our Milling / Machining section have best quality and imported Milling/Grinding Machines which are operated by the well-trained experts for good milling of the Scissors, ratchets, serration teeth, box cutting, and for all other related processes for ensuring exact perfection before filing. For this, top-quality imported cutters are used. The process of filing is carried out again by the trained professionals to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision.

Polishing & Grinding Department:
The Electro-polishing and Grinding Departments are manned by seasoned workmen using imported Chemicals and best quality grinding wheels to ensure the best-quality finish.

TC Department:
Our T.C Department is installed with the best-quality imported machinery being manned by the exceptionally well-trained experts using the German Technology.

Coating Department:
Our coating department is capable of providing Plasma Coating & Gold plated instruments as well as powder coated instruments depending upon the requirements of the instruments or the customer. All coating related raw materials are imported from European countries so that no compromise on quality can be made. Furthermore, each coating is inspected for quality before any instrument is passed on to the next department.

Passivation Department:
Using the top-quality imported Chemicals in our Passivation Department we boil test and passivate each and every instrument for 24 hours before packing. If need arises, the instruments are re-passivated so as to eliminate any chances of rusting or corrosion during the life of the instrument. Our instruments are rust-free for life though we give guarantee for three years.

Sandblasting Department:
For sandblasting our instruments, we use the machines as well as the best quality sandblasting material, which are operated by skilled & well trained operators.

Eansny Surgical Industry using Laser-etching technology for all our products.
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Eansny Surgical Industry
Sialkot Pakistan.